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2020 Candidate for Harris County District Attorney


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About Carvana Y. Cloud

2020 Candidate for Harris County District Attorney

By the time I graduated high school, my childhood home was burglarized more than half a dozen times. My mother, a single woman raising three children in Acres Homes, was nonetheless an advocate for her family, believing that, despite our circumstances, we deserved the best life had to offer. It was my mother’s unceasing resilience and hope that laid the foundation for my journey to make all communities safer and justice truly equal.


While I was a student of Houston Independent School District for much of my schooling, in eighth grade I was recruited to attend The Kinkaid School—an opportunity that exposed me to a world-class education and opportunities I never knew existed.

During my time at Kinkaid, I was able to sharpen my fluency of the Spanish language. I knew from a very young age that being able to speak to all my neighbors and friends would be a critical asset to establishing diverse relationships throughout my adult life. I continued to learn more about world cultures through my Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University.


Learning and speaking Spanish fluently gave me a better understanding of my community. Houston is rich with diversity and this cultural tapestry gives Harris County the unique honor of being a beacon of opportunity for millions of individuals. Sadly, there is also a hard truth we must not only face, but overcome: our criminal justice system penalizes the poor and people of color not only for their infractions, but also for their circumstances.

I’ve seen injustice unravel the lives of countless individuals—that is why I decided to become an attorney. I chose to become an attorney because my mother instilled in me the spirit of an advocate, the strength of a fighter, and an empathetic approach to all who I encounter.


After law school, I had the distinguished honor to serve as a briefing attorney for United States District Judge George C. Hanks Jr., when he served as a Justice on Texas’ First Court of Appeals.

I began my criminal justice career by serving as a Harris County Assistant District Attorney. During this time I gained extensive trial experience – litigating misdemeanor and felony crimes, from Driving While Intoxicated to Capital Murder. I was able to hone my craft and develop an empathy to seek justice for crime victims, especially in the area of domestic violence.


In 2009 I left the District Attorney’s Office to open The Cloud Law Firm, P.C., a boutique law firm focusing on criminal defense and immigration matters.

My career as a defense attorney was rewarding and made me even more cognizant of the rights of the accused. As a black woman who grew up in poverty, I embraced criminal defense work because I understood that people who were driven to criminality often did so because of a lack of opportunity.

I empathized with my clients who were imprisoned because they were poor and could not afford bond. Additionally, it became clear that factors such as lack of employment, job training, housing, as well as struggles with substance abuse and mental health, contributed to the destabilizing of my clients’ families and their communities.


In 2016, determined to reform the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, I joined a platform that I believed aligned with my vision
of a fair and just system. As Bureau Chief of the Special Victims Bureau, I led a remarkable team of prosecutors, social workers, and support staff enthusiastic about implementing innovative approaches to community safety in the areas of domestic violence, sex crimes, human trafficking, and animal cruelty. Together we worked with law enforcement and local organizations to create programs that support crime victims and treat those who cause harm with dignity and respect as required under the Constitution.

I now continue my work to create safer communities and a fair justice system by asking Harris County voters to elect me as their next District Attorney.

This is an opportunity for us to truly change the balance of power- giving it back to the people, ensuring government works for both crime victims and those charged with crimes, because only then will we have a fair and just system.

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