Increasing Transparency

And Addressing Racial Disparity

2020 Candidate for Harris County District Attorney

Carvana Cloud, 2020 candidate for the office of Harris County District Attorney, champions making adjustments to our evidentially-proven unfair prosecutorial practices. For more information, read on or contact our campaign today.

Increasing Transparency &
Addressing Racial Disparity

A Top Objective for 2020 Candidate for Harris County District Attorney Carvana Cloud.

Prosecutors are the gatekeepers of America’s criminal justice system. The policies and priorities set by the District Attorney’s Office have a tremendous impact and effect on the people and communities they serve. I believe prosecutors must be willing to redesign certain components of the system to ensure the justice system works for everyone and not just a few. Historically, communities that are marginalized in other systems are most marginalized in the criminal justice system.

Evidence-based research proves that racial disparity exists at every stage of the justice system. Possible causes include the over-policing of communities and biases displayed by criminal justice professionals throughout the system, who have benefited from the way the system is currently set up.

As the gatekeepers of the system, prosecutors must boldly confront these issues by analyzing data (for example, how cases resolve to display an over-charging from when the case initiated) and working to promote a more fair and equitable relationship with the communities they serve.

In addition to receiving extensive training on implicit bias, prosecutors must be willing to go beyond the walls of the District Attorney’s Office to engage other agency heads and stakeholders within Harris County, as well as community organizations and advocates in meaningful discussions to unpack why racial inequity exists and has been perpetuated for so long without eliminating the disparities. Targeted and intentional community engagement surrounding this issue will inspire people’s trust in the system and restore dignity and humanity to a system that has become sterile and oppressive since it’s creation.

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